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Warnet Simulator (MOD, Free Shopping) 3.0

Warnet Simulator (MOD, Free Shopping) 3.0
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Warnet Simulator Have you ever dreamed of having your own warnet?
Dream no further, because now you can do it all with Warnet Life.Help the townsfolk by doing their quests and uncover all the secrets in town.


Warnet Life is considered a game similar to Internet Cafe Simulator. In the game, you are also a small businessman as an owner of an Internet Cafe in Indonesia.
Warnet Life uses familiar cubic style 3D graphics to simulate, in first-person view, all the daily events in this owner’s life.


At the beginning of the game, you will have in hand cash of 69 RP, and your great asset is the Internet Cafe with accommodation and a computer. Your business management starts here.
Your target customers, like many other Internet Cafes, are of course children in the area, and anyone who needs to use the Internet to chat, relax and play games.
Warnet Life  The customers are mostly boys, they will play the game and directly compete for the scoreboard and rankings. It’s rare to have middle-aged customers or girls.
Usually, they just come when they need to download papers, chat or read newspapers online.
The first good thing about the game is that through the details and developments in the game, you will experience the peaceful life of the Indonesian people.
You can eat, admire the specialties, look at the costumes of people on the street, and see the streets and types of public transport in the busy city in the center of Indonesia.
The next interesting point is the richness of activities in the game. Although your main job is to manage and operate the Internet Cafe and solve all the problems arising in and out of the Cafe, you have a life of your own with a variety of entertainment like a real Indonesian.
You can go to the market, go shopping, hang out with friends, eat food, and call your loved ones or do whatever you like. A colorful life will constantly appear in front of the player.
In the process of running the Internet Cafe, there is a special activity: buying and selling computers with different electronic stores. It is because you always need to upgrade the equipment to achieve the best speed and quality of the transmission.
Sometimes, it is because customers do not use them carefully, so they are broken, and you must always find good, cheap accessories and components to fix them. There are a few electronics stores in the same town where you can buy everything you need.
There is even an IKIA store that sells a wide range of furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs, kitchens, wallpapers, etc. in case you want to buy decorations to upgrade the look of your store.


You will realize that, for the job of managing an Internet Cafe, going long-distance will be more important than the initial economic potential.
Warnet Life  Competitors from another Internet Cafe may have more capital than you, but if they do not use them correctly and follow the trends, they will all break down soon.
This is also true for you. So, importantly, with that initial amount, you must be flexible and skillful to make money, invest in the right place, don’t overdo it, and don’t do less important things that forget your core. Only then will your store last a long time in the market called “Internet Cafe”.
The story of endurance is true for your health as well. You must always be in a state of adequate nutrition to do many things in a long day. Pay attention to the character’s eating and drinking a bit, don’t let him get exhausted.


Remember, from the very beginning, you have been put in the “no backup option”. Internet Cafe is your only source of income. It decides your life.
Just think like that and try your best, looking for ways to get as much income as possible from all the services. Only then will you be able to continue your business in the future.
The principle is simple: The more interesting things an Internet cafe has, the more innovative it is, leading the trend in the town >> have more customers >> get more income >> use the money to improve, innovate and make more cool things >> get more customers and make more money again.
The flow of money keeps turning and money makes money if you know how to do it and have a good vision.
Another way for you to increase revenue is to expand and diversify business services: add a food counter, add a drink menu, have a counter selling electronic devices, toys, video games, Internet phone cards, and much more fun you can think of.
Of course, when expanding into so many areas, to serve customers well in all situations, you need to hire more employees.
The number of employees and their salary, working time… all depends on you, at each time and each business strategy.
Remember, your goal is not only to make a profit but also to have an effective business. Turn your Internet Cafe from a small establishment to a famous and larger one.


As an owner, you must manage every aspect of the store. You must care about construction and facilities; repair and maintain services such as electricity, water, and network and ensure the security of the store.
There are countless situations you must deal with: early in the morning, there is a bad customer harassing; in the afternoon, there are children making noise; and some bad guys are always lurking to bomb your cafe net, so you have to hire professional security to keep the store safe.
When the light bulb burns out, you must find a way to fix it, when the Internet breaks, you must call a network technician to fix it… In general, all sorts of things can happen. Depending on the responsiveness, it will help you go longer and go further in this game.


Free Shopping
MOD does not work with Casino and Lootbox.

Download Warnet Life APK & MOD for Android

It is a small simulation game, its image is quite rudimentary and basic, but its game play is challenging and diverse to manipulate and handle. The game is fun, entertaining, and also quite dramatic. Download Warnet Life to play here.


And most importantly,  collect the money and make your warnet the best in the world


Credits :- Akhir Pekan Studio (Owner & Publisher).

Visit :- allstarsproduction.com to download more mod apps and games for free.


Big Update!
• New shop to purchase new electronics!
• Consoles, televisions, chairs and many more items to unlock
• Now you can unlock a new building!
• Collect WP (Warnet Points) as much as you can to access the new items!
• Now you can get all the legendary items from with 2 new treasures.com!
• New paint to use for your Warnet!
• Bug fixes
Warnet Simulator (MOD, Free Shopping) 3.0
Download Warnet Simulator (MOD, Free Shopping) 3.0 
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Warnet Simulator
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