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Specimen Zero MOD MENU v1.1.1 (Godmode,Fake Hide,Unlock-all)

Specimen Zero MOD MENU v1.1.1 (Godmode,Fake Hide,Unlock-all)
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About Specimen Zero mod apk

After falling asleep in a strange place, you suddenly realize that you have been kidnapped. However, there is something that has happened that is out of the ordinary and dangerous. To escape, you must first find a way out of this dangerous zone.

In this game, you will be able to explore a large dark area that has various dangerous and unsettling features. Some of these include a horror hospital, a secret building, and creepy rooms.

Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items in order to escape from that horror place and a scary monster.

Do not make loud noise and be careful because the monster might see or hear you! It kills everyone who gets in its way!

Escape with your friends in online multiplayer mode!

If you like scary adventure escape experiences, Specimen Zero – Online horror is the game for you!


To play with your friends, make sure that all of them use the same version of the game. In the multiplayer menu, enter the region that they want to play in.

-It’s recommend playing with headphones on.

I am an independent developer who aims to create high-quality games. I hope that you will enjoy playing Specimen Zero.

This articles Uploaded by the user

-SPEC 043 visibility fixed
-New map added
-New monster SPEC 043 added
-New skins
-Bugs fixed
-Multiplayer(Alpha) added
-Tablet to control security cameras added
-Egg timer sound trap added
-Ghost mode added
Specimen Zero MOD MENU v1.1.1 (Godmode,Fake Hide,Unlock-all)
Download Specimen Zero MOD MENU v1.1.1 (Godmode,Fake Hide,Unlock-all) 
Show/Hide Mod info:
*MOD FEATURES* - [ Player Menu ] -
  • - Godmode // Don't Take Damage
  • - Fake Hide // Monsters Ignore You
  • - Give All Keys
  • - Give All Equipment
  • - Remove All Planks (Enable Before Game) /// Allows You To Open Doors , Use Player Size To Go Under Them
  • - Bypass Door Code // Exit Code , Just Type Any Numbers
  • - Unlimited Wood
  • - Unlimited Torch Battery
  • - Torch Brightness
- [ Weapon Menu ] -
  • - One Shot Kill
  • - Unlimited Ammo
  • - Fire Rate
  • - Bullet Type
- [ Movement Menu ] -
  • - Telekill
  • - MassKill
  • - Height
  • - Speed
  • - Distance // For TeleKill/MassKill
- [ Fun Menu ] -
  • - Enemy Size
  • - Player Size
  • - Gun Sound
- [ Fun Menu ] -
  • - ESP Lines
  • - ESP Boxes
  • - ESP Health
  • - ESP Distance
  • - ESP Enemy Type
Specimen Zero MOD (by axey)
Download - Size: 144.0 MB

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