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Retro Bowl MOD APK Unlimited credits 1.5.23

Retro Bowl MOD APK Unlimited credits 1.5.23
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American rugby is a game that’s fun to play with Retro Bowl MOD APK . It allows you to participate in multiple tournaments with retro graphics and game play.

Introduce Retro Bowl

The retro American Rugby game is so unique!

Rugby and irresistible charm
In most countries, football is the king of all sports. In the US, however, it’s called rugby, which first appeared in the country. This unique sport combines elements of speed, agility, and physicality. It’s trendy in the US and other neighboring countries.
The game involves 11 players playing on a rectangular field. The highest venue for this sport is the Super Bowl.
Retro Bowl is the game for you if you’re a passionate rugby fan. It offers the traditional gameplay and the elements of the sport that make it so unique.
About the game Retro Bowl

The name itself says two big features of this game:

Retro = classic game play, old-fashioned graphics
Bowl = refers to the most honorable Super Bowl tournament of the American Rugby village
The game’s goal is to score as many points as possible during the tournament. Two teams, each consisting of 11 players, face off against each other.
Each team has four chances to send the ball across the field. If they fail to do so, the ball will be given to the opposing team. In 4 phases, the players must make sure that they can cross the 10m line.
The 11 players on each team will be divided into three different roles:
Attacking group: midfielders who receive the task of taking the ball and throwing the ball to teammates.
Defensive group: responsible for preventing players of other teams from running away with the ball.
Task force group: responsible for kicking and throwing the ball on the field, this role is usually members with large bodies and extremely fast running speeds.
The controls in Retro Bowl are simple and easy to understand. They allow players to control the various characters in the game easily. Touch the player to throw the ball or press the corresponding button to control him. This feature is beneficial for people who are new to the sport. In addition to controlling the players, the game also makes a line that indicates the ball’s flight.
The simple game play of Retro Bowl makes me very attracted to the sport. It allows players to quickly learn the various aspects of the game and develop their skills to win. One of the most critical factors players need to consider when it comes to winning is strategy. This is because playing against solid teams requires them to have the necessary tactics to win.
Unlike other sports games, Retro Bowl does not utilize a 3D game model. It offers the authentic and classic gameplay of the game. If you’re looking for a game similar to the traditional style of playing, Retro Bowl is the one for you.

Graphics and sound

Besides the game play, the game also features retro 2D graphics. This allows players to experience the same visual effects used in the previous generation of video games. The different elements of the game, such as the players, the stands, and the borders of the field, are recreated using this type of visual style.
The sound quality of Retro Bowl is also good. It’s very vibrant and full of energy whenever the players battle. In addition to the goal announcement and the referee’s whistle, the game also features various other audio features.

Note;Choose an available profile with a lot of money.

Download Retro Bowl APK & MOD for Android

It’s recommended for people new to the sport to play Retro Bowl. This game will allow them to understand the game and its various rules better. In addition to being fun, it also offers a competitive environment ideal for people looking to improve their skills.

Download Chicken Gun Mod APK

  1. Go to download page and get the latest app version.
  2. Open file manager and launch chicken-gun-cibermod.com.apk.
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  4. Complete installation process following tips on the screen.


Credits :-New Star Games Ltd  (Owner & Publisher).

Visit :- cibermod.com to download more mod apps and games for free.

Fixed free agent crash
Fixed touchback/safety issue
Fixed apostrophes in player names
Fixed total of/df on review screen
Retro Bowl MOD APK Unlimited credits 1.5.23
Download Retro Bowl MOD APK Unlimited credits 1.5.23 
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