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Myths of Moonrise Mod APK v1.6.1 (Menu/Free Shopping)

Myths of Moonrise Mod APK v1.6.1 (Menu/Free Shopping)
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Caution! Witch Crossing! Let’s have a fright Halloween night with Wendy! The three witches, the vampire, the wolf, and the wizard, who were all at the life-and-death stage, finally came together. At the Ancestral Grounds, the Lord awakened from his slumber and gave all races new commands. These include taking back their lands and glory, and the moon will rise once more.

The night was peaceful and harmonious until massive meteorolite pieces pierced the air. In an instant, the entire continent was shrouded in darkness. The claws and teeth of the fallen took the innocent lives and destroyed the peace that had been established.

–Game Features–

Rebuild Homes

The way to rebuild is full of hardship, as there are always those who are waiting to be rescued, while there are also those who are the victims of the fallen. In order to get through this, take each step carefully, and never show mercy to the fallen. Use your chess pieces to defeat the enemies and release ancient power.

Recruit Heroes

Never assume that a lone wolf can become a real Lord, as all races are eager to help you. The elites will gladly assist you, and you need to gather strength in order to have a powerful right-hand man.

Explore & Arena

The combination of Hero Exploration and Match-3 Battles makes for a great strategy. During difficult situations, build up your clan and fight for your glory. These abilities will be tested in the Arena.

War Overlord

There are 5 Races and 4 Troop types. When switching to the offense side, it is very important that you are well-prepared. Having the proper mindset is also very important in order to take the upper hand.

Create Alliances

The strength of alliance can make the difference between the fallen and the powerful. The inner brotherly stability of all races is maintained by their alliance, and they can make the enemy tremble with their strength.

Guard Continent

The actions taken by the fallen can only strengthen their resolve, and they need to gather all their forces in order to make attacks and eliminate all threats on the continent.


In-game items are still available for purchase, but you must be 7 years old to play. In addition, you must have the necessary devices and networks to play.


If you have any in-game issues or suggestions, please feel free to reach us via:

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New Features:
1. Wisdom of the Ancestors (can be checked in [Benefits]);
2. Alliance Memo;
3. Special buffs for the alliance officials.
Myths of Moonrise Mod APK v1.6.1 (Menu/Free Shopping)
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