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Metal Strike War: Gun Shooter Mod Apk 7.6 Unlimited Money

Metal Strike War: Gun Shooter Mod Apk 7.6 Unlimited Money
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 About Metal Strike War Mod  Apk

During the early 20th century, people with advanced science and intelligence started developing various types of weapons and organisms. These include robots that can protect and life on Earth.

Terrorist groups and financial organizations quietly developed genetically modified organisms and destructive weapons. These could eventually take over the Earth.

In Metal Strike War, you can immerse yourself in the story and use your skills to defeat the various enemies. In order to win, you have to create a strategy that will allow you to avoid the bullets and the enemy’s powerful Boss. You can start by shooting at the enemy’s base, attacking their planes, raiding their operations, or using a fleet.

The game begins with the commander announcing the world’s current situation. The protagonist, named Graves, then takes command of the army. His goal is to destroy the terrorists and the military zone.

You can start by taking out a hundred snipers and a thousand SWAT members. You can also attack all of the strikers to defend yourself.

————–How to play——————

The objective of Metal Strike War is to avoid the bullets and the powerful Boss by performing various skills. These include skipping and flipping over the air.

In addition to these, there are also various items that can be used to support players. These include armor, upgrading weapons, and booms. To win the stage, players must use the most amount of these items.

Each level will have three small maps, and at the end of each map, players will encounter the powerful Boss. This is the last gate in the game, and it will be very challenging because of how powerful and skilled the Boss will be.

****** Weapon System *************

Each character will have five guns. The top four guns will be equipped equally, while the last one will be the characteristic of that character.

– Pistol ( Desert Eagle)

– Colt

– AK-47

– Laser

– M60 (machine 60)

– M4A1

– Shot Gun (Hunting gun)

– Sniper Rifle

– Paintball

– Uzi

– Minigun (NEW).

– Energy Blast (NEW).

– Kel-Tec KSG: This is the basic gun in the game.

– AK Future: This is a special type of gun that splashes out a lot of bullets at once.

– HK243: With this type of guns, you do not have to worry about obstructions or dizzy areas on a straight line.

– FR-27: gun with a torrent of bullets.

The last gun system allows players to customize their own characteristics. This will make them feel more confident when it comes to choosing a hero.

The powerful and versatile flaming gun can be used for any adventure. It can also deal damage to various targets at the same time.

The rocket launcher: It has to fire every rocket but with very strong attack power.

Laser wave gun: Shoot a wave of laser.

Unlike other shooting games, Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooters is not a 3D game nor an online title. Instead, it allows players to compare their scores with other players through its various modes.

Whether you are a male or female, a young or old, or both, Metal Strike War allows you to play the game anytime. You can even play it on trains, planes, or on the bus.

Now wait, download now Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting games on your phone and rescue the world.


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Unlimited Money

Metal Strike War: Gun Shooter Mod Apk 7.6 Unlimited Money
Download Metal Strike War: Gun Shooter Mod Apk 7.6 Unlimited Money 
Mod info:

Unlimited Money

Metal Strike War: Gun Shooter [MOD]
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