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Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory APK + MOD (No Ads) v1.2.0

Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory APK + MOD (No Ads) v1.2.0
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Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory MOD APK is the fourth part of the series from the publisher of the same name. It follows the events after the salesman, Rod, kidnapped all his customers and J., one of them, managed to escape.

The Ice Scream series is a horror adventure game about Rod, an ice cream vendor. He wears a rabbit mask and drives a tricked-out RV while pretending to be a funny-looking young man. However, behind this mask is a ruthless killer who uses his position to lure and kidnap children.

The first part of the series focuses on Rod’s case, where he abducted a child. In the next two parts, we’ll learn more about his childhood and why he became such a perverted individual.

In the first three seasons, Rod’s cruel ways and cunning schemes have been multiple victims. J, the talented and clever boy who discovered Rod’s scheme, tried his best to help the victims, but the mission might not work. In Part 3, J decides to carry out an incredibly dangerous act by eating a lot of ice cream, which is made with the ingredients left by his friends. He then intentionally lets Rod take him away.

The opening of Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory provides a frightening and unsettling message. It urges players to get out of the cage and rescue their friends.

Explore the ice cream factory and Rob’s memories

Following the events in the last part, Rod left his friends behind. One is a guard robot, while the others are cleaning robots. Rob has a large robot responsible for protecting the ice cream factory. Each of these Mini Rods has unique abilities, and whenever they detect something strange, they emit a loud sound to alert Rod.

In Ice Scream 4, J’s exploration of the ice cream factory begins. He has to find a way to escape from the guards and the other robots to free his friends. To do so, go to the Control room and press the button.

During his visit to the exhibition area, J came across various numbers and events that helped him figure out what happened to Rod in the past. Using his stun gun, he then managed to catch the biggest robot, Boris. J will be equipped with a special weapon if the numbers are combined.

Ice Scream 4 Rods Factory for Android

After returning to the cell, Rod tried to catch the three children still inside the factory. Unfortunately, they didn’t get out of the pipes and wandered around the factory’s various rooms. J was also able to catch him after he pressed the button, and he continued searching for the other kids still inside the cage. The fourth part of Ice Scream 4 ends here. If you’re disappointed, wait for the next part.


The game’s goal is to guide J through the various steps to perform the assigned task. However, the main difficulty of this level is the appearance of Rod and the Mini Rods. In addition, the game’s speed will make you constantly beat your heart rate. To avoid getting stuck in endless obstacles, make sure you choose the right mode.

In the previous levels, Rod was both frightening and difficult. However, he has three more robots equipped with special abilities at this level. Whenever he encounters one of these mini Rods, it will immediately shout and ring the bell to alert him. The game is over if you can’t find the way to Rod instantly.


Although various hints can be found in the fourth part of the game, it is unclear if the story will continue. The main character, Evil Nun, used the devil to have a child named Rod. She was the one who gave him to the ice-cream vendor Joseph.

Ice Scream 4 Rods Factory MOD by CHOICEMOD

Evil Nun could have been partly responsible for Joseph’s tragic accident after learning that Rod stole her secret recipe. He then turned into a psychopathic killer due to his growing up and losing his only loved one. It’s unclear when the demon family will be reunited; other secrets could be uncovered in the story.


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Step 1: Download the game apk file from Choicemod.com

Step 2: Go to the ZArchiver, select the download folder, and find the game apk.

Step 3: Click and install the game apk.

Step 4: wait some time to install. Apk not close mobile tab and back button.

Step 5: Know. Click on the done button.


  1. Credits :- Keplerians Horror Games (Owner & Publisher).
  2. Visit :- Choicemod.com to download more mod apps and games for free.

Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory APK + MOD (No Ads) v1.2.0
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