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Game of Sultans APK 4.4.01 (Unlimited diamonds)

Game of Sultans APK 4.4.01 (Unlimited diamonds)
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Game of Sultans (Unlimited diamonds) – The Game of Sultans is a romantic action-adventure game about the Ottoman Empire. You’re in charge as the Ottomans enter a golden age, and you have the opportunity to enter the world with the best clothes and look great as the Sultan. You’ll also have the chance to engage in romantic encounters with other people.

The game features a dazzling array of treasures. You’ll also have the chance to create a romantic love story and choose your ideal partner. In addition, you can raise pets and heirs.

Your pets will grow as you see them, and you can design your own image and decorate it with fancy frames and avatars. You can also empower your Viziers and recruit elite warriors to strengthen your forces and rule the world in style.

The Game of Sultans features various minigames that are designed to increase your power and prestige. There are also weekly and monthly events that will keep you busy. You can participate in various games such as Horse Race, Fortune’s Favor, and Dungeon Delve. You can also join the Union of players from all around the world. Daily Quests are additionally great for boosting your VIP points and improving your level. No purchase is required to play this game.

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1. Become a business tycoon in Merchant Empire! Combine Stores and corner the Market!
2. New Companions tied to Kilic and Yavuz. Collect Items to obtain them!
3. New Pet: Goat.
4. Systems optimized according to player feedback.
Game of Sultans APK 4.4.01 (Unlimited diamonds)
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(Unlimited diamonds)
Game of Sultans [MOD]
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