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Decor Life MOD APK free rewards, no ads 1.0.5

Decor Life MOD APK free rewards, no ads 1.0.5
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5/5 - (1 vote)

In Decor Life Mod APK, you’re moving into a small apartment. There are several rooms and some furniture, so it’s time to organize all of your belongings. You’ll need to arrange all of these items in various ways carefully. Each item has its place in the apartment. For instance, one should place a vase under glass to allow people to admire it. Put plates in the kitchen and socks in the laundry room to make an area look organized. we all so recommended Bloons TD 6 


In this game, you’ll need to think about the environment and the people living in it as you move. Doing so will help you maintain a clean and orderly house, and create a more peaceful environment. You’ll also need to carefully shuffle the objects in the room to make it look its best.


Throughout the game, you’ll need to carefully pack all of your belongings into the various rooms in the apartment. The game features many levels, and each time the number of objects and rooms increases, it gets harder to keep up with the progress.
Aside from this, you can also take photos and record your progress. Some achievements are made in stickers, which are very interesting to collect. These achievements aim to interact with particular objects, which makes the game livelier.


The game play of Decor Life is simple: First, you collect various items from a box, and then another box with a lot of new stuff. You’ll then need to fit all of these into one room carefully.
Try to place the bulky items first. Doing so will help minimize the space that these items will take up. You can also use special plates to save space. In other cases, you’ll need to show ingenuity and line-up to ensure that these items are correctly placed.


The game is incredibly undemanding, and it doesn’t require much time to play. You can also spend a lot of time organizing the various rooms in the apartment. Most gamers can also give their imagination a try and rearrange the multiple objects in the room.


The game’s visual style is excellent, and it features bright colors and high-quality graphics. The music in the game also adds a relaxing and pleasant feel to the atmosphere.


Free Download Decor Life mod for Android allows users to enjoy the game without ads. It also allows them to make purchases.


The game is a casual version of a puzzle game. You’ll need to find a place for each of the boxes you’ll bring into the new house. Doing so will help make the room feel more spacious. If you’re a space-eater, then this game will suit you.
Getting organized in the house is also a type of meditation. To correctly manage the various boxes you’ll bring into the apartment; you’ll need to find the right place.
The game doesn’t have time limits, and there are no competitions or rules. Instead, it allows you to play as much as you want. In addition, the game features a system that automatically highlights the items that are not in the proper place.


To properly organize the various boxes you’ll bring into the apartment; you’ll need to find the right place.




1. Go to the download page and get the latest app version.
2. Open file manager and launch decor-life-cibermod.com.apk.
3. Switch on the “Allow from this source” tab in device settings in case of installing the APK file for the first time.
4. Complete the installation process following the tips on the screen.
Thank you for downloading Decor Life MOD APK Blast from our website. Below you can find a special button that will start the file download. Be sure to have 151 Mb of free space for decor-life-cibermod.com.apk.

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Decor Life MOD APK free rewards, no ads 1.0.5
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