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112 Operator Mod APK 1.6.5 (Paid, Unlimited Money)

112 Operator Mod APK 1.6.5 (Paid, Unlimited Money)
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In any city in the world, you can manage its emergency services. You can take calls, dispatch rescue units, and handle difficult situations. You can also help the citizens through natural disasters and other emergencies.

With 112 operator, you can manage all emergency services in a city around the world. You can dispatch units and take calls in response to various situations, such as natural disasters, riots, and terrorist attacks.

Danger has escalated

With the latest version of 911 operator, you can take on different roles and responsibilities, such as taking care of a neighborhood or coordinating the work of various operators in large cities around the world. You can choose from over a hundred thousand areas, including municipalities, districts, and real cities.

To all units: a storm is coming…

Using historical data and real-time information, you can monitor the weather and its effects on your city. You can also keep an eye on the rising traffic and the unpredictable weather, which can lead to natural disasters and other issues. In addition to weather, you should also be careful about dealing with gang wars and terrorist attacks.

112, what’s your emergency?

You can take calls from people in need of help, and you may not know who’s on the other end of the line. You may be asked to perform CPR or deal with an annoying prankster.

It’s my job, ma’am…

In the new Career mode, you can choose one of the European cities and find out if you can reach the top of your career ladder. Follow your supervisors’ orders and see how your actions affect the people you’re working with. Sometimes, your mistakes will only be addressed by reprimand e-mails, while other times they will influence your personal life. You can also play various types of scenarios in the Free Game mode.

We need backup!

You can use the latest equipment and vehicles to get the job done. Before you start a mission, you should decide which units to use, such as a SWAT team or a helicopter. When they reach the scene, you can use the tactical view to show the entire situation.


-25 times bigger, expandable maps of REAL CITIES

-entirely new set of emergency calls and large events

-completely redesigned campaign mode, with objectives system, emails, and a story

-day&night, weather, seasons and traffic now influences the duty and the incidents happening

-new fire mechanic, that can consume entire areas and require dozens of units

The gameplay of 112 operator will vary depending on the region and its characteristics. For instance, it can take place in different areas such as forests, slums, and residential areas.

-new OnSite situation visualization that shows the action precisely and intuitively

-new team members – doctors, sergeants, dogs, robots, and others!

-additional dispatchers, that you can assign to districts for help!

-redesigned equipment, now packed up in entire gears

Available languages (UI and subtitles) for 112 Operator:

– Chinese (simplified)

– English

– French

– German

– Korean

– Spain

– Polish

– Russian

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Quick bug-fix update:

- Fixed an issue with reassigning soldier squad members to vehicles after hospitalization,
- Fixed an issue with the duties not ending correctly under very specific circumstances.
112 Operator Mod APK 1.6.5 (Paid, Unlimited Money)
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